Empty subfolders called like the share: is it a 2.21.119 version bug?

i just upgraded my Mycloud to the latest version, 2.21.119.
I noticed that in every share there’s now a folder with the same name as the share. If i double click, It appears that it contains the same folders as the root folder of the share (e.g.: the share named Share1 contains FolderA, FolderB and now a third folder called Share1. If I enter Share1, \\Share1\Share1 contains exactly the same folders, and I can enter Share1 recursively).
I cannot delete those folders.
The remaining folders still work as usual, but the existence of those empty folders is causing some confusion in the users of the Mycloud.
Is it a bug of the new version? Is there any way to hide or fix it?


It certainly sounds like a bug, doesn’t it…?

Firmware upgrades often seem to cause strange behaviour, and a reset is often recommended after an upgrade. Try a 4-second reset (but bear in mind its consequences regarding admin password (null) and DHCP).