Empty playlist in Spotify on WD HD TV Live Hub with firmware 3.08.14

I have empty playlists when accessing Spotify on my WD Hd Tv Live Hub .  Search and other similar screens screens are also blank.  I am able to log onto Spotify on the WD device.  This has been an intermittent problem for several months.  Spotify works fine on other devices, Ipad, Iphone.  In the past device reset and/or reset online service accounts would fix the problem.  That method no longer works.  Any help would be appreciated.


Firmware 3.08.14

It happens every time.

power cycling, reset and online service account resets do not resolve the problem.

Spotify runs normally on other devices.

What about a factory restore on the media player?

I read that some users were able to get it working with the reset through the website.

Thank you for your reply.

The factory restore did not correct the problem.

Any other recommendations?