Empty DNLA media server

I have a MyCloud that in most respects functions perfectly well. No problem accessing through the internet via the app and no problem reading and adding files through my iMac. However I wish to stream music from it (I have a very large collection in the Public Share) and cannot. Although the Shares capacities are shown correctly on the webpage, the DNLA server is shown as empty. When I try and stream via my hifi the device is shown in UpNP but does not open. Likewise, although shown in iTunes on the iMac, it says there are no files. I’ve tried scanning and rebooting to no avail. Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome.

Please check that Media Serving is enabled on the Public Share in the UI

Thank you for your comment. Yes media serving is enabled. I have just done a database rebuild on the DNLA media server with a strange result! It counted tracks being loaded so I thought success was in sight. But then when it reached a certain number (around 50,000) it just stopped. And then after a moment started to reduce the number of tracks down to about 4500 and then stopped again. Although it still said it was updating. I really don’t understand what’s happening with it. By the way I have also rebooted the device and that made no difference either.

Make sure the DLNA Media server is enabled AND Media Streaming is enabled for each of the shares containing media.


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