I have an EMERGENCY with my book!! The small port on my book that the USB cable goes in came loose. I took it to a computer place to have it fixed they just called me to tell me that it is empty!!! All of my family & business photos are on it approx 50,000 also my videos like my sons high school graduation!! I am about to have a nervous breakdown!!! I need HELP recovering them!!! I have No idea why they are gone!!! PLEASE help me!! I bought my book to store these on because it was too much for my computer to hold!!!


Can’t imagine why the USB port falling lose would have erased your data.   

I am thinking perhaps the computer place may have screwed up your drive.

WD has a list of Data Recovery services that you could contract, but it tends to be expensive…


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If the computer place didn’t screw somethin up it may have corrupted the partition data. What OS are you using? If it’s Windows does the drive show in Disk Management and what does it say? Does the drive make a recognition sound when you plug it in? Sadly you learned not to have just one copy of important data.

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I am using Vista & the hard drive is still at Cheetah Computers in Eustis Florida. The software is in my computer

If it’s a “My Book” wouldn’t the data on the drive have been encrypted?  I’d doubt they’d see anything “proper” if they took the drive out of the case and attached it as a plain ol’ SATA drive.

If the USB port came loose, then they would need to repair it (like you presumably asked them to)… if they don’t do that, there’s pretty much nothing anybody can do to get the files back off the drive… the drive needs to be connected to the controller inside the case for it to be read properly – the drive cannot be simply transplanted to a PC.

Let us know when you get the drive back and have tried it on your PC and we’ll go from there.


Much as above, a loose usb port wouldn’t remove your data. An incompetant pc shop could do though. All they needed to do was solder a new port onto the board, it’s not a complicated fix or a rare problem with external drives.

On the bright side, if they have reformatted the drive / nuked the partition table, testdisk will probably fix it for you. Maybe get someone else to solder the port on if the original guys haven’t done so yet.