Emergency recovery of an internal backup disk without a PR NAS

Here is my scenario:

  • PR4100
  • 2 x HDD configured as RAID
  • 1 x HDD as JBOD
  • 1 x free drive bay
  • 1 x off-site HDD which is periodically swapped in the JBOD slot
  • Incremental backups scheduled nightly; RAID -> JBOD

Now, suppose my server is consumed in a fire, I still have my off-site backup HDD, but a PR NAS is not available for whatever reason. In what ways can I recover from that off-site drive?


  • Rod

I think I just found my answer: WD PR4100 - Can the HDD be removed and read on a PC?.

If the drive is encrypted, can that be handled on the other system, or is that a special WDC thing that can’t be circumvented?