Embed subtitle with Chinese characters in Track Name

My WD TV LIve streaming media player has been updated into Release 2.01.86 (12/10/2013)


I have a MKV file which has Enbed subtitles with Chinese characters in Track name. SMP can show the list of subtitles but can not play them. After I remove the Chinee characters from Track Name using mkvmerge v5.10, everything is working for me.

I really appreciate it if you could fix it.


Mmh, when they are muxed with MKVToolnix, they should already be UTF-8? If it does not work, you could try a rollback to 1.16.13 or turn them into bitmap subs with AviAddXSubs.

I am sorry I forgot to mention the subtitle is sup format.

PGS subs need to be compressed with zlib. MKVtoolnix does this by default, MakeMKV if you use the WDTV profile.