Email option won't generate link shares - IOS App - iPhone 6 Plus

Hi All

I’m having issues emailing shared links to files via the IOS app. After selecting and chosing any file to email, the email window will open with the subject but no content.

I’ve heard from the app store reviews this is a bug only affecting iPhone users. Sorry if this has been posted already, but can this be fixed please.

Can someone confirm?

Below should fix the issue for now.

Please go to general, language and region and make sure its set to English not English UK and it will work :slight_smile:

Thanks Wright for your help.


that doesn’t work here in Germany when changing from German language to English.

I still don’t get a link in the email.

Do you have any alternative suggestions?



Yes, my iPad upgraded to iOS 9 and I can no longer email links of photos or video from the My Cloud App.  However, my iPhone 6 has not upgraded to iOS 9 yet and I can still email links from the My Cloud App.  Is there an update to the My Cloud App to fix this issue with iOS 9?