Email Opslag

Is het mogelijk email te importeren of op te slaan naar de WD MyCloud vanuit me Email account’s, om de Archieven leeg te maken en deze als opslag in de WD MyCloud te zetten.

Hoe stel je dat in.

Is it possible to import or save email to the WD MyCloud from Email Accounts, to clear the Archives and put them as storage in the WD MyCloud.

How do you put that into.

Hi xGarfieldx,

My Cloud Home is a personal network storage device and would be used to store data only. If you use Outlook, then .PST files can be stored in it and save the local mapped drive in Outlook to redirect to .PST files. But it may affect the performance of Outlook to access emails through .PST files from the device.

Ok thank you, i am going to try that.