Email notice not working


I’ve added two valid email accounts and for notifications.  Pressing the Send Test Email- notthing comes through.  Is there a setting or step that I’m missing?  I’d like to know if one of my drives is failing.



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What ports are open in your router? Do you also encounter any issue related to remote access?

The Test emails never came through.  Other warnings came through but much later.

I had the same problem - emails from the box to my email account never went through.  However the email to text feature does work.  I have ATT so the following works just fine.

To send a text, picture, or video message to an AT&T wireless device from your email:

  • Text message : Address your email to the recipient’s 10-digit wireless phone number , followed by , for example,

From your example format, I presume you have Verizon?  Some Verizon email to text features work best with 120 characters or less. See if you can edit the outgoing message from the EX4 and see if a shorter message transmits without error.