Email Conact Wanted

Does anyone have a direct email address for a customer service department or complaints? I bought an external hard drive retail in Australia. It died! It is still under warranty. WD wanted me to send it overseas as the don’t have a return address in Australia (I have been advised this a breach of Australian retail law). When I pressed the fact they offered to send a courier (FEDEX) to pick it up from me. I would have been happy if action actually happened. I’m not interested in making a fuss, I just want me drive replaced. I have been waiting two weeks! IF the courier ever does show up I’m still going to have to wait weeks while they courier the device in and out of the country!!! Further, I am now receiving unsolicited emails from FEDEX regarding their services. How is this good customer service?

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Please see the following link for the WD Contact info:

This is for email and phone support.

Why am I still waiting for FEDEX to even contact me let alone pick up this faulty product? Three weeks now!

For those of you whom may be interested, here’s an update…

Fedex just picked up my hard drive (8th april 215). A full three weeks after firt contacting Western Digital. Wow, what an event.

I FINALLY receiving a call from Fedex, itwent to voice mail were the off-shore call centre was so hard to understand I could not make out the return phone number nor the reference number for my delivery.

Calling them back I get through their machine system to here a human … call drops out!

Calling them again I go through it again. A ‘lovely’ lady answers and proceeds to ask me questions, of which I have no understanding, or advice regarding from Western Digital. “Have I filled out a pre-mailer? What is my account number (I have hat one). Have I printed the label the send provided (wasn’t provided with one)”. Twenty minutes later we resolve that I had to fill in paper work that Fedex would bring when they pick up before 6pm today, and that the package had to be ready with my own labels on it. I was careful to place the RA number on three sides in bold print; very carefully following WD’s instructions.

HOO-FRIGGEN-RAY! Some action.

Fedex arrives. I present the package and my ‘commercial’ invoice. He says I need to give him three copies of it! WHAT? Why didn’t either WD or Fedex tell me this? Back into the house to reprint three more copies. Wait, WD didn’t email me the invoice. I trod through the stupid support portal system to eventually find it. I print three. Fine. While printing I fill out the Fedex form. I write what he tells me. The receiving address doesn’t fit on their form, not to mention even matching in format to their address fields.

The Fedex guy (very nice and polite) proceeds to laugh that the package is going to Western Digital! I say yes and ask why he says so. He says it straight out, “because they want to make it as difficult as possible for people to claim things. Most people just give up. Other companies send the customer a lable, stick, pickup, gone”. Even your own courier thinks your service is not only poor but a deliberately difficult minefield to mitigate losses due to fault product! HIGHLY ILLEGAL!

All in all, what a joke Western Digital service is. So disappointed! After years of loving their products, and buying ALOT of them for myself, others and my place of work (IT PROCUMENT), as I have emailed WD directly, “unless things turn around dramatically I will think long and hard before buying a Western Digital product again”!

Now I play  the waiting game … wondering how many weeks it will take before I have to contact Western Digital to find out where my lost parcel is, why my replacement had been denied or ‘misplaced’. Neesless to say, I have no confidence that Western Digital will adhere to their legal obligation to replace a faulty product.