Email address not associated with


I’ve had mycloud for a few years and have all my photos and music stored on it. My laptop at home was running the app and has now died. I’ve tried to log in online using my email address and the password I’m 99% sure was the right one and have failed. When I’ve tried to reset my password the response is that my email address is not associated with I know I definitely would have used this email address, I’ve had it for many years. Is there a way to re-associate my device with my email account and set up again? What can I do about all of the files stored on it, I can’t lose them!


Maybe this prior topic will help, unless you have already tried it.

You don’t need the mycloud app, or access to to access the files on MyCloud that is on your local network.

Connect your new computer to your network, and access the MyCloud file server just like you did with the old one; map the shares as network drives, giving your MyCloud user credentials (not your user credentials; they are different).

If you have forgotten your device admin password, do a 4 second reset, which will clear the admin user password (leaving the admin user name untouched).

All explained in more detail in the user manual: download and read it if you haven’t already.

Thank you! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Panicked :slight_smile: