Elite vs Essential vs Element

I’m looking to get a 1-2TB external HD and wondering what the big differences are between Elite vs Element vs Essential…I’ve read about them all and Elite seems to be the best but I put the poll to you the pro users.

Your help is very appreciated.

Elements is a simple plug and play drive. The other 2 have software included that gives password protection and backup. The elite also has a capacity gage


Thank you for the information.

Does anyone have experience with all of them as to which one is quicker and won’t bog down pc/laptops when uploading etc.


They are all awesome products. I like the passport essentials because you dont need a power cord!! They are small but the biggest capacity is only 1TB at the moment. The hard drive is at 5400RPMs and 8MB Buffer. The other models are faster and can hold more but have a chunky power adaptor!