[elements] problems with usb3.0 port

i’ve recently just purchased a WD Elements 2.5 1TB. With the given cable, it can’t connect long on the USB3.0 port. when attempting to do a regular format or transfer big amount of files, errors will pop up, and the autoplay windows will also pop up like it’s been just connected. In the end, my back up of 19xx of files had 100 less files on the portable, with the error occuring more than 10 times. using on the 2.0 port seems ok, and survived the 10hours long of reformatting.

how can i narrow down the issue and verify if it’s valid for an exchange (before i start putting more files on it!!)

What OS are you using? The USB 3.0 hasn’t been a smooth road for a lot of people. Did the PC come with USB3.0 or did you add it? Check all of the USB drivers and see if they are up to date. Use a USB port on back of PC sometimes that makes a difference. Check the power settings and make sure USB is set to never sleep.


i’m using Windows 7 Premium, the laptop is just 3 months old and comes with the USB3.0 port. I’ve checked that all drivers are up to date. using the port with other HDD is ok. and i only have one USB3.0 port.

Since a lot of people are having this problem, doesn’t the issue lie with the HDD rather than with our computers?