Elements Drives blink once then nothing

I have two 1TB Elements drives (one to mirror the other) but today they will not mount. When I plug the power bricks in, the light comes on for half a second then goes out and the drive is unresponsive. The exact same thing happens with both drives, and with both power bricks, regardless of the power source I plug then into. I can hardly believe that both of them have developed exactly the same fault at exactly the same time!

Yes, it is hard to believe that both failed at the same time.  By any chance did a blackout occurred while using the drives?  Have you tried using them in another computer, in order to compare results?

No, no blackouts or power outages, nothing like that. Plugging in to a different computer is not a way forward as the drives won’t power up successfully anyway, whether or not attached to a computer. 

I have a MyBook disk that when plugged in, nothing happens, the light just turns on and it sits there looking stupid.

I need to connect it to an active USB port 1st. Then it buzzes and clicks and spins up and gets down to business.

Then it mounts and the files become available. But it needs both connections to show any signs of life.

Regarding the OP’s 1st post, I’m sure you swapped power bricks between the drives. But your wording implies that you may have tried another power source besides the OEM power bricks. Did you?

Since we’re still trying to figure out the exact condition of the hardware as it now stands. My next thought would be be, “Are the power bricks pushing enough current?” They may put out voltage, but what about current?

It is highly unusual that both would fail at the same time though and that’s the fun in troubleshooting stuff like this. A mystery!

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I am pretty certain that the drives were originally connected by USB to my Mac when I first noticed this problem. Cannot swear to it however and am currently away from home and will not be able to check this again until next week. Thanks for your input.