Elements Drive Won't Stay Asleep - Mac (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)

I just purchased an Elements 1.5 TB. It seems like it will be great except that is won’t stay asleep. it will spin down, and then a few minutes later it will wake up, then is will sleep and it just keeps going like this in 15 minute intervals.

Isn’t this drive supposed to sleep when not in use to save engergy? Is what I am seeing normal? Does it matter how I have it formatted. I think it’s Mac OS Extended but journaling may be on.

If this is normal, it’s cool, but it’s a good deal more distracting than if it just stayed awake all the time. For now I just unmount and mount as needed.


Try to reformat it to MAC OS extended NON-Journaled to disable drive caching just in case, and make sure there are no apps at all related to the drive. Anything that tries to have access from an antivirus to a health monitor will wake the drive up.

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If I’m not mistaking, this drive is suppose to go to sleep after a time of inactivity (most of the external drives do this).

Correct. It won’t stay asleep though. There’s nothing that I know of trying to access the drive. I wish I knew if this was by design or not. I even have the OS set to put the drives to sleep if possible.