Elements 2TB Drive slows down


I have W8.1 and a Asus PC with USB3, the Elements drive is also USB3 and has four 460GB Partitions

When I copy a lot of folders (300GB) to the drive the transfer starts okay but within 20 Mins is slows down and stops afetr 30 mins.

Also When I use Casper 8 to backup to the Elements drive no data is transfered and Casper stops responding.

This does not happen on my Segate USB3 Drive or my WD USB2 Drive.

Any idea what could be wrong?




Try another USb cable and another computer if possible.

You may also run a diagnostic on the drive using Western Digital’s Data Lifeguard Diagnostics software.


thanks for your advice, I will do as you recommend but I cannot get to my PC for a couple of weeks

so will post the results then.