Elements 1TB external not repairabe by disk utilities


I tried a disk repair with disk utilities.  I now get a message when i plug in the external HD “The disk Elements was not repairable by this computer and is being made available to you  with limited functionality” and goes on to say i need to back up and reformat the disk.  In order to do that i would have to go and buy a new 1TB external HD which is not really financially possible right now.  I have tried Disk Warrior and TechToolPro and admittedly i do not know much about either of those programs but do not seem to be able to fix the elements HD.  I do not want to run it too much in case it causes further problems.  Can anybody suggest anything I can do?

Thank you


What was the original problem you were tying to fix? Why would you need to buy another drive? Why can’t you reformat this one?


It was very very slow.  I would have to buy a new 1T external HD in order to back up everything that is on that drive before I can reformat it because if i just reformat it i will lose everything that is on there much of which we need to use regularly.  I can not back up that drive without another one as my laptop’s HD is only 120G and only has about 25G available free space.

Having your data on one physical drive is a bad idea. You should get a second one as soon as you can afford it. If the drive  gets corrupded or dies your data is gone anyway unless you have deep pockets for data recovery.