Elements 1TB External Drive - Problem with connectivity

I have had this drive for a while now (about three years) and yesterday afternoon I was using it to store some files from my Windows 7 laptop.

I tried to “eject” the drive once I had finished, but it refused to do so saying that it was still in use. I prematurely removed the USB cable, but every time I’ve tired to use it since, a window opens asking me to Format before use. I don’t want to do that as all my data will be lost.

Currently running chdsk E:/r to see if I can fixed it, but it keeps coming up saying that segment “#” is unreadable (# = a segment number).

I’ve been looking a recovery programs but they all seem to suggest that they can only restore accidentally deleted files. 

Can any one advise how I can get my data back off of the drive, even though my laptop can’t access it through the normal menus (My Computer etc), please?

Hi, that happens when one of the program on your computer is still accessing the elements, if you disconnect the it before doing the safe eject it might corrupt your files. You recover your files you can try using a data recovery program like recuva or testdisk.