Elements 1042 not detecting after Windows future update

My Elements 1042 which is about 4 years old with 1 TB size is not detecting after the future update of windows :disappointed: & it is working on previous version. How can I fix this? Recovering to old version is a head ache. Is this compatibility issue?

If the unit is working on an old version of the operating system then it could indeed be a compatibility issue.

Can you share the exact model number of your WD Elements drive? “Elements 1042” is Windows device designation; the actual model number should be close to the serial number on the unit’s bar code.

Yep… Here it is WDBPCK0010BBK… & it is old model. No problems came yet. Is there any way to open? Tried uninstalling & Installing or WD will release any new driver?

Exact same problem here with my Elements 10B8. After the new update the hard drive is shown but inaccessible by Windows. I checked and it’s 100% OK on previous windows version on a laptop.

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