Elements 1 TB will not load on wake from Hibernate

If I hibernate my computer with the Elements 1 TB plugged in, when I turn it back on Windows reports an error on the device (A usb device has had a problem…). I have to reboot to get the drive back up. My Passport drive has no problem but the Elements does.

Any thoughts>



Intel DX78SI Extreme MB

i7 3820 3.4 Ghz


Windows 7 x64

Latest Intel BIOS


As a recommendation, test the drive with the DLG Tool.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

To avoid data loss, make sure that you have multiple copies of your files on different locations.

Dlg tests all pass

Are you connecting the unit on a USB Hub?

If possible, please connect the unit to the usb ports on the back of the computer to see if it does any difference.

Still having trouble. Tried various USB ports. Having same problem with Passport too, thought that was ok.

If I shutdown the computer with the drive connected, when I restart the drive does not show up, light blinks, unplugging and re-plugging does no good.

If I Hibernate, drive shows up but will not respond. “Safely remove” says drive is busy. Unplugging and re plugging does not help.

So basically I cannot leave the drive connected.i have to disconnect it each time I shutdown in order to get at it when I restart.

USB driver problem? BIOS? I have the latest version of each. It is a Renesas USB driver.