Elements 1.5 TB Drive Stopped Working All Of A Sudden... Help?


I have a couple of 1.5TB Elements Drives I’m using to back up msuic, movies, photos, etc.  Up until a few days ago it worked perfectly fine.  I tried plugging it into my Samsung TV to watch a movie, and it wouldn’t read or even detect.  The light just flashed non-stop.  I have tried plugging it into several computers around the house and the light just flashes non stop.  

At first I couldn’t feel the drive spinning/vibrating… But once I rebooted my computer, I confirmed that it is in fact appearing to spin/hum/vibrate.

I’ve gone into disk management, it’s not detected.

I tried running some script in the command prompt, but it only detected my computer’s drive.

I downloaded some thing from WD that was suggested in another thread, but again it wasn’t detected.

Help please.

Try a different power adapter and/or different USB cable.