Element 3TB puzzling behaviour

When I open a JPG image on my C: drive it sometimes takes 20 seconds or so to get displayed in its associated program (Irfanview in my case). And towards the end of this very long delay I’ve discovered that the LED of my WD Elements 3 TB flashes several times and the image then finally appears.

I can be more precise about ‘sometimes’. It seems to occur only after some hours of non-use.

Why does this happen and, more important, how can I stop it doing so please?

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

You’re opening a file NOT on the Elements drive?

Yeah, that’s puzzling. It sounds like your PC or the Irfanview app is depending on SOMETHING that’s on that drive, and the drive is spinning up, hence the delay.

Is there a page file or scratch disk on the external drive?