Element 1 TB USB3.0 . product of thailand vs product of malaysia

I am wondering if you guys face the same question like this, I got two WD harddisk. both are 1 TB with usb3.0 support. one is product of thailand the other is  product of malaysia, however my computer can only detect the one from malaysia, I tried two WD HD from thailand, they can’t even mount on windows( i mean the disk management didn’t see the disk) but it dosen’t occur on my malaysia WD harddisk. 
I am wondering if there is any problems of my WD harddisk?

Thank you very much

Hello tea_tea2003, the manufacturing region should have no relation if the hard drive is recognized or not. Have you tried using another USB cable? As a troubleshooting step try disconnecting any other USB hard drive and only connect the one that is currently not recognized.