El Capitan and WinDoze 10 Software updates - when?

Still waiting for My Cloud Desktop updates for both OS’s. What’s the hold up?

Is this to fix problems with El Capitan and Windows 10 that stop them accessing NAS drives?

Ask Apple and Microsoft?

Nope…it’s WD’s programs that need to be updated.

FWIW, the last update to El Capitan fixed the access issue to My Cloud for me. As to Windows 10, don’t get me started…the last update not only borked access to My Cloud (there is a way to fix it) but also managed to trash an entire iTunes library of music

I have just upgraded my OSX to El Capitan and am now experiencing problems with my WDMyCloud backups.
Has WD an upgrade to allow El Capitan compatibility.
Is where can Access it?
If not why not ?