Eject not working properly / WDTV Live corrupting external HDD?


(This is my first posting and I’m using the WDTV Live for just a few days now … so please be indulgent to me. :wink: )

Everything was working right from the start, ok not talking about the horrible German localization, but now all of a sudden I got a problem with my external USB HDD attached to USB1 respectively the USB port.

Having powered down the WDTV Live and my USB HDD, I restarted both a few hours later, but the USB HDD didn’t show up anymore. I turned off and on the USB HDD a several times, but the WDTV Live didn’t recognize the drive anymore. After plugging the drive in USB2 it at least showed up. But the WDTV said: “Unable to create media library. Please check your storage setting.” and ejecting the drive didn’t work anymore too. The gauge was just rotating forever …

… a USB stick plugged into USB1 wasn’t recognized either, it seemed that this port was still in “use”.

I had to make a reset to the factory defaults to get USB1 working again … and a ChkDsk of the USB drive to get rid of the error message.

Is this a “common” behaviour of the WDTV Live??

I too had problems when I powered off the WD Live without ejecting the attached USB drive. I have not experienced a corrupt HDD because of this, but WD does warn of the possibility if not ejected correctly…  Even ejecting the HDD correctly, the unit  sometimes does not recognize the USB drive on future power ons. When this happens, I unplug the power supply to the WD Live, wait a minute or so and then plug it back in. It then sees the USB drive and makes it available to the unit. 

Hopefully, a future firmware upgrade will remove the need to reset the unit on these occasions.