'Eject' button does nothing...?

Hi Guys

I have the WD TV Live Hub, and all of my media files are stored on assorted 3.5" hard drives.

So, i’ve attached a USB SATA Dock to the Hub (the toaster slot kind) and I can just change hard drives whenever I need specific content.

The proper method of ejecting the hard drives, according to the manual, is HOME > EJECT, and that should bring up a list of drives that I can choose to eject.

However, when I do this, nothing happens.  Nothing comes up and no options are given to eject anything.  All of the folders still specify the amount of files in each folder that are on the disk.

Am I doing something wrong here?

These are 2TB drives filled with lossless Blu-Ray rips, so I really don’t want to risk corrupting the data by yanking the drives out all the time without ejecting.

If anyone has any hints or tips, please let me know.

Alternatively; would powering off the USB SATA Dock count as a proper ‘eject’?

Or would shutting down/powering off the WD TV Live Hub count as a safe ‘eject’?


shutting down/powering off the WD TV Live Hub sound more like a proper ejecting method then shutting down the hard drive. try also connecting a flash drive at the same time to see if one or both show up

Shutting down the Hub should be fine for ejecting. My Hub locks up if I choose to eject any USB devices whilst the Media Scanning is taking place on the Internal Drive. I have to wait till nothing is showing in terms of scanning or it’s toast and I have to pull the power from the back of the Hub to get it back to life.