EHD That Will Transfer Recordings Between Old + Replacement Dish 722 DVRs

Does WD have an EHD product that has replaced the My Book AV 1 TB? That EHD used to be a featured product on Dish’s website. I found this product on WD’s website yesterday (model WDBABT0010HBK), but the “Buy Now” link lead to a webpage, whose link to this EHD did not function and, consequently, I couldn’t get to a purchase page for this model. My guess is that WD is no longer selling this model, since it was largely listed as out-of-stock or as no-longer-available on electronics websites, or was being sold at relatively high prices, ranging from $109.99 to $318.59.

I want to transfer my Dish video recordings from my old 722 DVR, whose fan has failed and which sometimes records a black screen without sound, to the replacement 722 DVR that Dish sent to me.

Dish’s general specs for a compatible EHD are:

 1. No larger than 2 TB
 2. Must have its own power supply
 3. Must support USB 2.0
 4. Must not use flash memory and should only be a single-hard disk drive.


The recommended specs are very broad, since most USB 2.0 hard drives would seem to fit the criteria yet only specific WD drives were supported by DVR’s.

The WD My Book AV-TV was designed for media storage and even TV connections, but it uses a USB 3.0 port and has only been tested with TV’s.