EHD Passport can not be found....HELP

Hi, I recently swapped files with a friend.  After, I hooked my 2tb Passport desktop EHD to my own computer and now I can’t find it anywhere. It will not show on my computer, it will not show in disk management, its simply not there.  I’ve tried all the basic stuff, swapping USB cords, power cords, power on/power off, reboot computer while ehd is still plugged in.  Here’s some more info.  I run Windows 7, the computer I was transferring files from was XP.  They were media files.  The status light on my ehd just keeps blinking continuously.  The drive IS spinning.  No weird sounds coming from the ehd.  It was never dropped.  It has never got real warm.  The computer HAS recognized it about 2 times, but then when I try to open it I freeze up, but that was only twice and I can’t get it to happened for the life of me.  I have 1.2TB of my life on here, help me please!  I’d rather not pay for data recovery, but I will if I have to.  THANKS!

Hi there, if I were you I’d try a firmware update to see if it is able to find the drive on a low level, it works 70% of the time in here… If all else fails, then you can try TestDisk, it’s a free data recovery software…

Best of luck!

One thing to add…  

Right before this problem started, I was adding files.  Some of these files might have been formated from a MAC. Could the formatting differences could of caused something to go corrupt, and if so, is there a way i can isolate and delete these newly transferred files.  Thanks!

I’m going to pursue a firmware update, although I’ve only had this ehd for 2 months, and it worked one second, then after the file transfers it stopped working.  So i’m targeting that!