Editing video file properties/tags


I have a WD TV Live system, LAN connected to a Windows 7 64-bit PC.  Network access to all files works fine and I can navigate my way through the PC’s file structure to the one I want.  However, this can be a bit time consuming, so I thought I’d explore setting up Windows Media Player as a media server and accessing the files that way. 

It works, but not very well.  I can really only use the media server access to browse an endless list of  “All Videos”.  Presumably, this because of the absence of the correct file properties that the WD TV system would like to see in order to categorise my video files (e.g. “Video Genre” or “Series”).

Can anyone explain to me if this is possible to modify these properties/tags and how?



Just a quick update on this, in case anyone is interested…

If your video files are visible to Windows Media Player, it allows you to edit the ‘Genre’ in Library-mode.  This has enabled me to disentangle movies from episodes of TV shows by marking them as such.  Viewed in the WD TV Live using Windows Media Player as the media server, I can more quickly access different types of video in this way, rather than as one long list, or navigating around the file system.

However, this doesn’t work with .mkv files.  Anyone know a way of editing properties/tags of .mkv files?