Editing files via WD2Go on Android tablet

Am I misunderstanding something?!

Should one be able to edit files using WD2Go on Android tablet and the files be automatically uploaded back onto my Book Live?

I ask, because it ONLY works for textual files edited with ES Note Editor (part of ES File Explorer). Editing files with application such as Kingsoft Office does not return the file to My Book Live.

Microsoft documents (edited with Docs2Go or Kingsoft Office) do not get uploaded. They just sit within /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.wdc.wd2go/files/…etc. in their edited form.

When reselecting them for Edit within WD2Go, the editeed file is displayed … but it never gets back to my Live Book.

Is this how it’s meant to work … ie. WD2Go is effectively just for viewing files?

Guess I’m also confused over the benefit of downloading the files within the application as well … assume this is just for allowing viewing when away from WiFi.

Note: I get the same symptoms on Nexus 7 tablet and my (oldish) HTC Desire phone

Many Thanks in advance for any comments


I think it’s up to the app. All WD 2go is is a file transport mechanism.

Many thanks for reply.
I was going to agree until I dug further into this forum.
It seems that other users have found the same as me AND furthermore that WD staff responded to one of the queries indicating the feature is on their to-do list … that was back in December 2011!
However, if anyone has found an app that works with Wd2Go for office documents I’d be very interested.

Would still be interested to know if anyone has found a way to edit files directly using Wd2Go on Android.

I can give a bit of an update: - WD2Go also fails to update files on a connected Dropbox account … so it’s not just related to my MBL

ie. Try to edit any office file (doc, docx, xls, xlsx) and the version on the ‘cloud’ and/or on MBL does not get updated

Worst part of it is that there is no warning that this operation won’t be successful.

At least on a PC if you try to edit any of these document types you’re challenged with authorisation … which can never be got past! Therefore there is no chance of editing files directly on PC!

However, using the Android Dropbox App - no problem editing Dropbox office files. So if Dropbox app can work, why can’t WD2Go?

I’d be very interested to have confirmation from other users that they find this same problem - I feel that ALL of you Android users must have the same problem. (And possibly Apple users?)

ie. Edit an office file via WD2Go on Android device. Save edits. Then either directly on the device or via WD2Go on PC, download the supposedly edited file. And see if the changes are still present I’m pretty certain they won’t be!

I’ve tried it on both my tablet (Nexus 7) and phone (HTC Desire) … they both fail to update the file remotely.