Editing backup?

I’ve got a ton of garbage in my smartware backup folders that I’d like to clean out.  How does one do this?  I know I can just delete it, but will that mess up smartware?  I’ve read that any changes to your backup can make it impossible to restore because it corrupts the database.  Input from a WD tech would be great here!

somebody must know the answer to this … hello, WD?

This is a user-to-user community, not WD Tech support.

If you need to contact them, do so directly.


ok … that’s not a particularly useful response.  i’m aware of what this is, and if a user knows the answer and could reply that would be great.  i’ve also seen wd techs on here providing info and, since wd tech support isn’t very useful, i was hoping i might have better luck here.  but sorry i offended your rules of tech support.