Editing "Audio" and "Subtitle" OSD values for .mkv?

Using MakeMKV (v1.6.10) I’ve made a .mkv from my original copy of “I, Robot” (2 disc Special Edition, FWIW). I’ve included all Audio and Subtitle tracks. Using the Subtitle button on my WDTVLH remote the top-left on-screen-display cycles through thus:

  Subtitle : Off

  Subtitle 1 : English

  Subtitle 2 : English

  Subtitle 3 : English

  Subtitle 4 : English

Using the Audio button on the remote the OSD cycles through thus:

  Audio 1 : Dolby Digital

  Audio 2 : DTS

  Audio 3 : Dolby Digital

  Audio 4 : Dolby Digital

  Audio 5 : Dolby Digital

I’d like what’s displayed to be more descriptive. For example what I’d ideally like displayed is:

  Subtitle : Off

  Subtitle 1 : English - Hearing Impaired

  Subtitle 2 : English - Commentary - Director and Screenwriter

  Subtitle 3 : English - Commentary - Production Crew

  Subtitle 4 : English - Commentary - Composer


  Audio 1 : English - 5.1 Dolby Digital

  Audio 2 : English - 5.1 DTS

  Audio 3 : English - 2.0 Dolby Digital - Commentary - Director and Screenwriter

  Audio 4 : English - 2.0 Dolby Digital - Commentary - Production Crew

  Audio 5 : English - 2.0 Dolby Digital - Commentary - Composer

FWIW my WDTVLH is at the latest firmware, 2.06.10.

Does anyone know if that’s possible please, either changing it manually or automatedly somehow? I only mention “automatedly” as I’ve observed that MakeMKV sometimes flags up additional track info’ such as “Director Commentary” or whatever.

And in a similar vein, is it possible please to change the order of Audio and/or Subtitles so that, for example, Audio 1 is DTS, and thus DTS is the Audio activated by default?



Have you been able to obtain additional information related to the configuration you would like to achieve? Perhaps you could verify with the producing company of your chosen software for support on the procedure to follow, as it is most likely subject to change using different software.