Editing a theme (If TW doesn't mind)

Hi there

I’ve never done theme editing before and would like to make some changes to TW’s CoCo theme, if TW doesn’t mind that is :slight_smile:

What I’d like to do is make a bit more space for the movie info (I can do the changes to the linksheets in thumbgen designer, which I’m fairly comfortable with) but I need help changing the theme itself. I only use list view and its highly unlikely I will ever use anything else.

Below is what I’d like to change:


  1. I’d like to move the file names further to the right, I know somewhere in the xml files I’d need to increase the value of the  X axis tomove it futher right, but not sure which xml’s and where

  2. I don’t use these ratings, so would like to remove this completely to compensate for moving the filenames further right, can this be done?

The above image I’ve copied from page 1 of Tinwarbles CoCo theme thread. All credit to him for an awesome theme.

Hello, you might want to PM Tinwarble directly. 


move names to the right ? ... change x="475"

<wrapper x="475" fontsize="22" w="486" h="22" textcolor="0xc3b992" actnoseltextcolor="0xFFFFFF" selectedtextcolor="0xFFFFFF">
<text text="@@description_0" y="118" active="@@act-browselist-0" selected="@@sel-description-0" speed="@@browse_speed_0" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_1" y="165" active="@@act-browselist-1" selected="@@sel-description-1" speed="@@browse_speed_1" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_2" y="212" active="@@act-browselist-2" selected="@@sel-description-2" speed="@@browse_speed_2" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_3" y="259" active="@@act-browselist-3" selected="@@sel-description-3" speed="@@browse_speed_3" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_4" y="306" active="@@act-browselist-4" selected="@@sel-description-4" speed="@@browse_speed_4" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_5" y="353" active="@@act-browselist-5" selected="@@sel-description-5" speed="@@browse_speed_5" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_6" y="400" active="@@act-browselist-6" selected="@@sel-description-6" speed="@@browse_speed_6" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_7" y="447" active="@@act-browselist-7" selected="@@sel-description-7" speed="@@browse_speed_7" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_8" y="494" active="@@act-browselist-8" selected="@@sel-description-8" speed="@@browse_speed_8" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_9" y="541" active="@@act-browselist-9" selected="@@sel-description-9" speed="@@browse_speed_9" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_10" y="588" active="@@act-browselist-10" selected="@@sel-description-10" speed="@@browse_speed_10" delay="2" />
<text text="@@description_11" y="635" active="@@act-browselist-11" selected="@@sel-description-11" speed="@@browse_speed_11" delay="2" />

remove rating stars ? delete this code

<wrapper x="1127" w="124" h="21" align="hcenter">
<image image="@@rating_0" y="118" />
<image image="@@rating_1" y="165" />
<image image="@@rating_2" y="212" />
<image image="@@rating_3" y="259" />
<image image="@@rating_4" y="306" />
<image image="@@rating_5" y="353" />
<image image="@@rating_6" y="400" />
<image image="@@rating_7" y="447" />
<image image="@@rating_8" y="494" />
<image image="@@rating_9" y="541" />
<image image="@@rating_10" y="588" />
<image image="@@rating_11" y="635" />


Thanks so much. Removing stars was quick and easy. Moving text required a couple of extra values to change but I got it right thanks to you putting me on the right track.

Here’s how I’ve butchered it so far :slight_smile: