[ edited ] Western Digital & their garbage HDs

I previously posted about my HD not being detected. Same [edited] different day it seems to be the story on this board. 

I can’t believe SO many people globally are having this issue and this company still has the audacity to produce this [edited] 

Yes, I know i should’ve backed up my back up. But when you are sitting in huts and remote areas of African backing up your work you cannot carry an array of [edited]  with you just because their is a risk of a [edited]  company not having the best back up. I was going to back up everything when I got back to the city with access to electricty, et al.  

What appalls me is that I just found out multiple friends in my own circle have had this problem with WD’s HDs.  Is their anyway we can get them to recall this [edited] product so others are not screwed like the rest of us were?

Sorry for the vent and the language, I’m just beyond angry about this.  Less than 1 month old product used 2 times, taken good care of and bam it does this [edited]  to me. 

[edited] you WD for ruining my work and causing me to lose precious and priceless pics, not to mention wasting $150.00 that I could have used for something else! such BS!

Well ranting like this does not make it easier to help you dude

It’s just frustrating that I spent so much money, Hauled it across the globe, put my valuable work in it and now the **bleep** thing crashes. I used it 2 times and it’s not more than 2 months old. I took care of it like it was an egg, with care, and the right packaging.  I just don’t want anyone else to go through what I did.  

I’m alerting all consumers about these issues and directing them to this site so they can see for themselves. Nobody should have to lose their precious work because a company is producing cheap [edited]  to their consumers. This is beyond absurd in this day and age.  

See my thread asking for support on my issue prior to my “rant”: http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Passport-for-PC/Initializing-Error-for-My-Passport-Please-help-in-remote-part-of/td-p/412286

  I have every right to rant and I also think it’s absurd that my thread was “Edited”… so much for freedom of speech. Are we living in North Korea?