Edit Mochi Theme to remove loading arrow and subtitle/audio graphics

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I like the Mochi theme a lot, but am looking for a media player for a clients lobby. The WDTVLIVE does everything i’d like it to do, but having the loading arrow icon and then after the video starts playing the subtitle and audio info is not conducive to what my client is looking for. We’d like to have a list of files play one after the other cleanly. How could I go about creating a patch to disable those 2 graphics. 

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here you go :smiley:


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Thanks for the redirect. I’ve tried that now and keep getting “Invalid file, Please correct file.” Is there something I’m doing wrong?

are you using either Chrome or Firefox ?  Have you tried both ?

Firewall blocking the upload ?

I’ve tried Safari and Chrome. Shouldn’t be any firewall issues. I’m just in a simple apple extreme network. Any thoughts?

OK! I have figured out what my problem is, kind of…

I’ve using Mac OSX to make a .zip file. When downloading the .zip from the web, safari would automatically extract the .zip and delete it. I’ve since learned that Chrome will download the actual .zip from the web. 

I’ve always just used the right click - “Compress” option in OSX. I now need to find a Mac .zip maker that makes the .zip correctly. (didn’t know there was difference…) Anyone have ideas? 

You could try this (free)



A quick google search (i don’t own a mac or safari) … you can disable “auto unzip safe files”

Safari >Preferences >General     Uncheck "Open Safe Files After Downloading"


When finished you can always check the box again.