Edit menu bar is not shown when using private share files (with full access)

After configurating full access to a private share file, the edit bar (top right) shows only copy or download, not not delete, move or others.
Is it normal ? Does “full access” means limited editing options ?

@ArmandoLios What WD device do you own? An image of what you are seeing would help too.

Enclosed a pic of the menu bar shown. I’m allowed to copy and download, only.
My device is a My Book Live serie: WCAZAE652757.!

@ArmandoLios I own My Clouds, so you may want to put your topic in this sub-forum and include what type of computer and operating system you are using.


I´ll do now. Thanks

The missing actions “delete”, “move” and “new folder” when accessing through Mac are instead when accessing through IOS.

Why ?
How to to have the full edit menu ?