Edit file names/directory structure on the WD Live?

I just purchased two of the WD Live Hubs for a couple of our music classrooms.   They are great for storing and playing concert videos for our music classes.   I can bring in a flashdrive with the latest concert on it, and it syncs it up with the hub.  It’s a great setup!

…with one issue.   The file system on the hub drive is getting a bit convoluted with many syncs of new files with odd folder names, one sync put all the files at the “root” level   Is there a way to connect the hub to a computer, or something to do some file management?   In just a few moments I could clean it up and make everything easy to find again.   Suggestions?

Otherwise, this thing has been the PERFECT solution for my classroom multimedia needs!

Hook it up to a network and browse to the drive.   There you can make any changes you want.