EdgeRover new version won't run--only white screen

I got a notice today to update my beta EdgeRover. I followed the instructions, removed the old version, and installed the new version. But all I get is a blank white screen when I start the program. I will try (re)uninstalling and (re)installing the new version, but if that doesn’t work, what’s next?

Also how do I get support? The EdgeRover website says to report issues using the program, but I can’t since it won’t start :frowning:

Hi radiodave.
The issue has been noted.
Please send an email to feedback@edgerover.com so we can help you.
Thank you.

This issue resolved by uninstalling new ER version and reinstalling it.

From: STEVE_SANOFF via WD Community

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What if you can’t find edgerover in your apps listing under system apps? The app is installed but doesn’t appear on the installed apps listing.