EdgeRover Indexing Paused on PC?


I just installed EdgeRover on my PC, not laptop, and it was running great last night This morning I login and it’s says indexing paused, connect your laptop power to resume. Huh? I have power settings at high performance and nothing is set to sleep. I do have a screen saver that comes on at night but that’s it. It’s been on indexing paused all day and I can’t get it to restart while I’ve been working. Accessed the drive a few times to see if it would kick start it. This is an internal drive not an external drive of any kind. Please help!

Thx in advance!


What operating system are you using? Example’s are, Windows 8, Windows 10, Apple OS 10 etc.
Provide more information on the drive that’s installed.

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I’m on Windows 10, but it looks like they patched it over the weekend and it fixed it.

Now I’m getting one that pauses because of low disk space. But it’s not telling me if it’s the drive it’s indexing, or the drive the software is installed on and how much it needs to index.



The message is about the drive that the index is on.

This is mentioned in Why is indexing paused? - EdgeRover.