EasyStore won't do anything useful

Sorry for the odd title, but problem seems too long to fit in there. Just bought an EasyStory 4TB and at first glance it seemed fine. Windows did it’s routine of “installing/recognizing” The drive does show up fine in Explorer. Opened WD Discovery (after installing it per manual), then installed WD Drive Utilities from the apps tab. Next was trying to install WD Backup, again under apps tab. It would go to about 60% (eyeball guestimate) and then back to zero. Hmmm, I do have 'net working fine but after several failed attempts to get WD Backup to install I went back to Ecxplorer and tried the installer at F:\WD Software Offline Installers\For Windows\WD Backup (yes, I read that is for installing if there is no 'net). Same result.

OK, off to the WD Drive utilities icon on my desktop and all 3 tests showed good results. Restart Explorer and yup, there is my EasyStore. Next stop, cold boot of the system.

Great, now WD Discovery shows the same thing it did when I first started my computer an hour ago. Icons on desktop for WD Drive Utilities and WD Security, with (surprise) an icon for WD Backup. Starting at the top I do/get this:
WD Discovery – Utilities & Security show as installed, but not Backup
WD Drive Utilities – device not found (or some such)
WD Security – attach a supported WD drive
WD Backup – no backup targets found
Explorer – sees drive and opens readme.txt in root just fine

What the devil is going on and how do I get this thing to work?

My system is Windows 10 Pro, 16Gig ram, newish desktop (less than a year old), solid system/software (other than this issue). I am only user on this PC and am running as admin.

WD Security does not support “EasyStore” hard drives.

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Thanks, that explains 1 program fail. Now to get the other 2 to play nice