Easystore not EZ for me

Inadvertantly powered down my computer 2 years ago while downloading an update to my 1TB Easystore. Couldn’t get it to work after that. I not much of a techie.
I’m trying to use it now on a new Win 10 computer. I want to make periodic backups of files and system image. I’ve downloaded WD Discovery with WD Utilities to the Win 10 machine and used Utilities to erase the Easystore drive as a starting point. Is my only option to use Win 10 procedures to backup to the Easystore?

Shutting down your computer in the middle of a Firmware Update on the Hard Drive is something you should NEVER do. (this applies in all cases of updating firmware on all devices)

If a Firmware Update process is interrupted by power loss then the firmware will be corrupted on the device and it will cease to function.

In techie terms … you’ve “bricked” your 1TB Easystore. (made it an expensive paperweight)

Are you still able to use the drive? If not, try downloading WD Universal Firmware updater tool. See if the software can detect your drive and do a firmware update. Even if it detect the firmware on the drive is the latest, just let it reflash the firmware again. Remember, this time not to power your computer or disconnect the drive while firmware is updating.