EasyStore 2TB USB not recognize w/o hub

I have an EasyStore 2TB drive that I’ve used for a while. On the Dell Laptop I have now, the USB drive has developed an odd and annoying quirk. My PC will not recognize the external drive (no sound, no spin-up, nothing) UNLESS I connect it though a USB hub (unpowered) or I connect it to my powered dock (USB-C to the PC). Other devices work with these USB ports, including other WD USB drives like Passports. This PC used to work fine with this drive, then it went to about a 50/50 chance and now - never, unless docked or hubbed. Never gives an issue in those configurations.


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12455

There could be many factors that can lead to this issue, such as:

  1. The corrupt or unstable USB driver
  2. Windows is missing important updates
  3. USB controllers may have become unstable or corrupt
  4. Corrupt USB drive or partition

You can try below options as a solution to fix your USB drive:

  1. Restart your system
  2. Try different PC/Laptop
  3. Re-install USB drivers in your system
  4. Unplug all connected USB drives
  5. Use data recovery software

Further, I suggest you to check the below link for more detailed solution to fix the issue:

Hope this will help.

Thanks for the suggestions but, unfortunately no luck. I went through all the step in both links.

It’s really weird. I plug into my laptop, the drive spins up but is not visible. I plug in a USB hub (Inateck HBU3VL3-4 in this case) and plug the drive into it and it shows up fine. I plug my laptop into the UBS-C docking cable and I can see the drive just fine when it’s plugged into my Dell dock. All 3 laptop ports work with all my other USB devices, including storage AND this drive used to work directly plugged into my laptop (Dell Latitude 7490) - just mysteriously stopped one day.