Easy use of mycloud

Hi Guys,

Hoping you can help me out. Recently set up my mycloud and successfully transferred all of my information safely onto it. When I want to access the files this is easy.

My problem is that when I am using a programme like word and I want to save straight to my Mycloud I cannot see it, I have the same issue when I try to mapp a drive to it. It does not appear on my network which I had expected it to do, I know it’s there because I can access information from it when I access it via a short cut I set up “C:\Program Files\Western Digital\WD My Cloud\WD My Cloud.exe” 

When I am in word or outlook for instance I cannot see the mycloud to save docements to or in the case of Outlook in order to attach them to emails. 

Anyone have any ideas?

So it means you don’t see a WDMyCloud “computer” on your network?

Let’s assumer you have a share called “Documents” on this NAS, what happens when you type

\WdMyCloud\Documents in the Windows run command window?

Did you use the  WD Quick View application to map your drive? This should be pretty straightforward…

BTW the drive will appear as an extra disk (windows OS) in “Computer/Network Location”

Hi Graham,

sometimes, when accessing my MyCloud over network, I have to wait for the device to wake up from sleep. I even can hear some sound coming from the case. A few seconds later, the network is aware of MyCloud being there, and a few moments later access to it’s folders and files is possible.

Is it that scenario or does it not change after a few seconds for you?