Easily remove files such as tgmd, xml etc from movie folders

A number of us us tools to automatically create moviesheets, cover images etc. There is a possibility that soon you may have thousands of support files in your movie folders.

What if you needed to quickly remove them? Maybe you just want your folders clean with only the movies and their subtitles? Maybe you wanted to try re-running thumbgen from scratch on your collection? In that case you would need to manually delete, or play with some scripts to delete those files? People have also reported accidently deleteing their actual movie files in the process.

As I also had a need to remove those extra files quickly, and multiple times, I wrote a small Windows application to do it easily and quickly for me. 

In case this tool may be helpful to other people too, I have uploaded it (MediaFolder Cleanup Tool) at  http://www.saurabhkumar.com/projects/MFCleaner/

No warranties! It is in beta. Please let me know off any suggestions/comments. Thanks.

I just use Windows “Search”  eg.   *.*tgmd,*.*xml,*.*_sheet  etc.  then delete the Results.

No fancy scripts or fancy programs required.

Right Joey, that is just one of the ways which people are devising to get rid of those files. Though it would ofcource work, but It too involves human intervention and may involve errors, apart from having to type those search patterns. You may have searched just right, too much, or too less at times.

My tool is just a tiny attempt at automating the same search and delete and trying to save some minutes, so that we can spend that time more productively.

Again, everybody has his personal tricks of achieving their solutions, and this worked for my requirement.