Easier way to sync all files in all folders?

I want to sync my passport with my computer and all of its files in all of the random folders I have, however, it won’t allow me to automatically select all files within different folders, I subsequently have to manually select each file ONE BY ONE in the check boxes after I expand each folder.  THIS IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT! I literally have hundreds if not thousands of random files, I can’t possibly be expected to manually select and expand each FILE!!! HELP!

IS THERE A ONE CLICK SOLUTION? Who else is having this problem?

What OS are you using Microsoft has Sync Toy http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=C26EFA36-98E0-4EE9-A7C5-98D0592D8C52&displaylang=en I use Good Sync http://www.goodsync.com/


I use Freefile sync tool. Its freeware good tool. Can do incrmental copies, comparisions and whoel lot of other things.