Ease of set up and use

It this relatively simple for the ordinary home user to set up and use?. I had, for a couple of days a Synology  DS115j and found the set up and use to be overly complex and did not manage to get to grips with it. I have not been frustated by a device for quite some time and I have been building my own PC’s for some years no not completly useless where tech is involved.

I returned the above but am looking for an alternative, a simpler to set up and use alternative. looking for real honesty here. If it can be tricky please say so.

Probably depends on what you are going to use it for really, if you are going to use all the features then it might be tricky to set up.  People tend to have most problems if they are using a Mac and/or trying to get remote access to the Mycloud as it sometimes needs a static Ip.

I mainly use mine to do backups and store and stream my media using my wifi, biggest problem you will have is getting all your data on it.  I have about 1 Tb of data on mine and it does take a while to transfer everything over to it but once done it is OK.


a lot depends on what you want to do. if you just want to backup a PC you can’t beat an external USB for simplicity.

any NAS is more complicated then an external USB drive. with the exception of the 1st v4 FW it has been pretty good for me.

Some level of comfort with Linux can be a help. if you have a USB drive connected to the mycloud I would remove it before any upgrades as this seems to be an issue. i suggest a static IP for any shared network resource

I have no idea how this compares to other home NAS devices. it does beat them on price.

My apologies for not mentioning what I wanted to to with the device.

It would be mainly used s a back up but also to stream my videos.

I have been using Iocell’s Netdisk 351UNE for some years and it has been a cracking bit of kit, not a Nas of course but has been totally reliable. I suspect I could probably live without streaming my videos and perhaps keep things as they are.

Thanks for your responses. 

streaming seems ok to me but the mycloud and dish hopper don’t work well together. both work with other DLNA sources/clients so not sure the issue but I believe it is more Dish the the mycloud

I am satisfied with it. take your time getting it setup and stable and you should be good