Ease of personal cloud gui?

I’m in Afghanistan and have  a wireless share drive setup for my unit.  I’m currently using a USB Iomega Iconnect and the GUI allows anyone to access the drive without any special software.  They just connect to the wireless router and put the iconnect IP address in the web bar of IE or Firefox.  There they just click the “view unsecured read only files” and they’re in. 

Is the gui for the Duo that easy for anyone to access?  We don’t have ready internet access to download some special software.  **bleep** that WD doesn’t have sample interactive GUI pages like Iomega.  Also…their unit is about $300 more. yuk.

I need to backup all my material and increase my space so was considering the 6TB cloud.  Can anyone help before I dump a load of cash on this thing?

To access the MBL shared or private folders you need to map them once, after that you can access the shared folder just like any other folder.