EARS Hard Disks

Can anyone confirm that EARS HDDs are now supported by the Sharespace.

Im kinda really p&**ed that it doesnt seem to be supported but people are reporting it will work. Considering its impossible to get the EADS Drives now where i am.

I have a 2x1TB mirrored setup and need more disk space, i tried adding a 1TB EARS Hard Drive and building a Raid 5 and it failed. With the poor support im not convinced sticking with the Sharespace is particularly warranted.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated, have to say im pretty disappointed with the options and feedback i’m seeing around **SIGH**



I forgot to mention that this drive was from a desktop which i originally had major problems with because it had xp on it, before i realised that it was an advanced format drive.

So the drive was realigned, which i assume you guys are not doing?

WD support says that ANY WD caviar green drive of equal size will work - so I assume this includes EARS.

Check this out: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-ShareSpace/Upgrade-Sharespace-2TB-with-2x-WD10EARS/td-p/117142