EADS and EZRX in RAID 1?

I’ve had two Western Digital 1T WD10EADS drives in a RAID 1 array for 2 years and one of the drives has just failed. EADS aren’t available anymore, so can I put in a EZRX instead?

I’m using the onboard intel RAID controller (Intel Rapid Storage Technology)

Will it work?

One thing that concerns me is that the EADS drives had a sector size of 512 bytes, but the newer drives use 4096. Will this make the RAID 1 array really slow?

EZRX should work fine on RAID 1

Thanks Wizer. So just to be clear, do you think EZRX will work fine with EADS in RAID 1? I’m sure 2 x EZRX would be ok, but I’m putting in EZRX along side EADS.