E-mails on My Book

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help/advise. I recently had my MacBook Air serviced and somehow the e-mails from my Mac Mail vanished from my inbox for a period of a few years. But I regularly use My Book to backup files. Would My Book also backup e-mail? If so, how would I find it in My Book? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Andrew.

It would appear you’re in the wrong subforum. See one of the following that correspond to your My Book device.
My Book Live: https://community.wd.com/c/personal-cloud-storage/my-book-live

External hard drive for Mac: https://community.wd.com/c/wd-external-drives/external-drives-for-mac

See the user manual for your device:

Generally for Mac’s one would use Apple’s Time Machine to backup their Macintosh. It would depend on the backup settings if your email file(s) were backed up. See Apple Support for more information on using Time Machine.

If used a different backup program than Time Machine, see that backup software’s website for more information on how to restore files.